Marilyn Manson & Deloris Telescope @ Orlando Hard Rock Cafe                                  Stevie @ Mr. Joe's on a Monday night


                             My old roommate, David Flint                                         David Flint, Pam Fenelon, and Brent Ronald in our studio 1989
                        Full Moon going down on my beach                                                          Full Moon setting on Sunset Beach 

              The only known portrait of a living Pocahontas                                     Some interpretations of my ancestor, Pocahontas
        Graduation with my programming degree May 1, 1998                                 My Great-Great-Grandfathers grave at The Breaks
                       Me and Marley, my British Red Tabby                 Lining up for my diploma at St. Johns River Community College - CUM LAUDE !!!!!


                  My CTG graduating class July 1998 - Buffalo, NY                            The Sam Goody Record Store I managed in Nashville

                       My Favorite Bluesman, Muddy Waters                                My Friend Rebecca                       From the 'Fire On The Swamp' 


                              Here I am circa 1981 jamming with Sphinx                         Big ole gator with a dude in his stomach !! GROSS !!           

                                            Me at boot camp Ft. Sill, OK circa 1982                                                        Sheryl Crow looking good!


                            Fawn and Fara Goodman with Mike Petruzzi              An accident scene that killed the driver. Is that his ghost walking around?


                               My mom Barb sometime in the sixties                                                      My old man doing manual labor 


                                                Sheryl Crow is the uber babe                                                          A Change Would Do You Good !!!

                          Everyday is a winding road, I get a little bit closer                                                   Dancing Baby

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