Pat Barmore and The Fugitive Kind
Liner notes from the album 'Flatwoods'
On Memorial Day Weekend of 2002 at the annual Florida Folk Festival, Frank and Ann Thomas were honored for their contributions to Florida folklife. In his acceptance speech Mr. Thomas spoke of the history of Florida and at one point pausing to reflect that, before the Civil War, the Florida Territory south of the Okeefenokee was known as the Flatwoods. It was to these Flatwoods that the fugitives and the seekers of freedom came. Runaway slaves, Native Americans fleeing the white settlers, and fugitives from justice. It was in these Flatwoods a culture was born. After World War II and the invention of affordable auto and home air conditioning, another Florida culture evolved from 'roadside attractions' run by their resourceful descendents. For the residents of the Chimp Farm  
of Dania, the carnies of "Gibbtown", the moonshiners and gator hunters of Chokoloskee, the Keys fishermen, the swamp hermits, the cowboys of the Central Florida Highlands, the Africans and the Seminoles an unwritten code of confederacy existed. A code that respected the heritage and culture of each indigenous component of the Flatwoods culture. So it was while Mr. Thomas was giving that speech and I was listening that the idea for this album was born.
I grew up in the space program. My father designed guidance systems for spacecraft. I spent my youth criss-crossing the United States from Maine to California. At the age of eleven we stayed a year on Indian Rocks Beach. There was only one paved road, the waters were clear and plentiful. I was Huckleberry Finn in Paradise. I fell in love with Florida. I returned at age fifteen and the affair has never waned.
For several months in the fall of 2002, on Monday nights members of the Fugitive Kind would meet at the Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, Florida. It was during these sessions that Flatwoods was born. This work captures the emotion and spirit of the Flatwoods culture and was conceived as a watermark in the evolution of the South and Central Florida Sound. I dedicate this album to my daughter Ashley, my son Lowell, and my brother Dave who have been supportive witnesses to the creation of these songs.
When the Fugitive Kind play folks come for miles to hear original Flatwoods music. It is a true albeit rare Florida experience to hear them. Fueled by the singing, writing and musical arrangements of Pat Barmore, their music is true Florida. From the beaches to the deepest swamp this music resonates the rhythms and rhymes of those who cherish this sacred strand and respect the rights of all people to live, love and celebrate.

Song One: Flatwoods Boys
Raiford Starke: Harmonica and Guitar
Steve Connelly: Bass
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Song Two: The Fugitive
Steve Connelly: Hammond B3 and guitar
Song Three: When Love is not Enough
Steve Connelly: guitars, bass
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Song Four: The Teacher
Charley Groth: Mandolin
Steve Connelly: Glass bottleneck, pencil and stick
Song Five: 3 Heartaches from Nowhere
Jim Terry: Pedal Steel and Guitar
Steve Connelly: Bass
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Song Six: Today's the Day
Steve Connelly: Glass bottleneck
Gregg Lehasky: Harmonica
Song Seven: On the Trail of an Old Friend
Steve Connelly: Pedal Steel, Bass and Guitars
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Sean DeLong and Tina Warth: Vocals
Song Eight: Say a Prayer for Love
"Piedmont" Bill Perras: Guitar
Steve Connelly: Mandolin, Pedal Steel, vocals
Shana Smith: Vocals
Song Nine: Night of the Iguana
Raiford Starke: Harmonica and Guitar
Steve Connelly: Bass
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Song Ten: I Love Florida
Jim Terry: Pedal Steel
Pete Gallagher, Bill Perras, Eli Perras,
Sean Delong, Tina Warth, Jose Santos: Vocals
Song Eleven: Blue Moon Party
Raiford Starke: Harmonica
Steve Connelly: Guitar and Bass
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Shana Smith: Vocals
Song Twelve: Spring and Fall (Gerard Hopkins)
"Flash" Gordon Williamson: Flute
Song Thirteen: You Angel You (Bob Dylan)
Steve Connelly: Guitar
Bobbie "Kid Tubs" Leichner: Drums
Scott Dempster: Bass

Songs One through Eleven copyright Patrick Barmore, 2002. All rights reserved.
Special thanks to all the members of The Fugitive Kind who gave of themselves so freely, to my Mom and Dad for making this possible, to Pete and Shana for their creative venue, to Bill and Eli for believing, to Steve, Scott and Kid Tubs for being lifetime friends, and to Jose Santos at Zen. Photos: Front Cover; Jim Swan, Albuquerque TVI Community College: Back Cover; Environmental Information Center of the Florida Conservation Foundation.
Recorded and produced at Zen Recording and Independent Music Group, 3851 62nd Ave. North, Suite 1, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781 by Pat Barmore and Steve Connelly. 727-525-1008